Hacking/Programming for beginner

Hello my friend, It’s Dhawa again.

I am here to provide some basic knowledge for beginner hackers, who have recently thought of starting the career as hacker. Well i mean whitehat,  if you wish to be a blackhat it is your choice.

There are number of newbies who are engaging in hacking. And again there are some newbies who knows tor network for a little as well. There are so many ways of hacking into something, you can use linux tools and their command[which is easy too], you can use programmes developed by some hacker[hacktivist]/ As well you can develop your own programme too.

In the internet, most of time while searching in internet about beginner hacker, you get those things which are useful to average hacker. You would not get deep knowledge on it. To know more you have to start by acknowledging/ gaining information like beginner things, like: ip adderess, exploiting, and so many variables.

If you want to start just only through linux distribution, there is no need of programming language, but it is better for every hacker to start with programming. You may or may not know what is programming, programming is the language that computing device recognise. Most of time programming are used to develop websites, creating software and android platform tools. But again, programming are useful to gain information about all the security level blah blah blah which are used later to get into something.

Using linux distribution will require some knowledge of linux commands which you can easily find on internet. While programming is so easy thing to use. If you wish to use programme from somebody you just can’t easily find it. However it has become easy to learn programming/coding. There several websites and android apks to learn coding. Through these all sites you can gain knowledge on programming.

However, these are the things of surface web. You might want to search in deep web too. Even there are so many sites where you can gain knowledge. There are also several chatrooms, where number of hacker share their knowledge to other. But, getting into chatroom is better for those who know basic knowledge of hacking.

Learning programming has another benefit too. that is you can develop/design websites. A good web developer earn average of 60000$ per year in USA today. It’s better to choose yourself. Well, this time i am not providing any information on the dark net sites, due to security reasons{of you}. YOu want to know more, you can surf internet, there is always numbers of ways you can find in internet. Thank you.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet in blockchain network

Hello guys, once again i am back.

Well there are so many newbies in this universe today who are getting into the bitcoin business{ shall say transaction}, and most of them are tend to be a investor in some HYIP sites. Well, today i will be giving information on one latest bitcoin investing site where you can earn more.

This site is called BItcoin Prowallet. Sounds like some wallet isn’t it. Yeah, you are right, it is a wallet but there is difference. The difference is that it gives you interest of 0.01371% each 30 minute, for having balance on it. And….. another thing is that you can trade pro-ticket here.

Now, you might say what is pro-ticket. Well, my friend, do not think on it too much. It some like some stuff to trade. Now it costs 3.99 BTC to buy and trade, and further having 1 pro ticket provides you  0.001 bitcoin + 0.00032385 (This number will up on each new registration)  every hour. And you might want to know, what about referring friend? of course, while referring friend you get 0.000005 pro-ticket for referring one person. Further, from their trade income as well as balance interest income you get extra commission.

Now, I want to make sure that, there are total of 1000 pro-ticket only. It means that there is a great chance of increasing in it’s price[ my assumption only, which could not be true], means it’s price may worth more than 3.99 bitcoin. And now, if you are a investor you might wish to know the address to it. well Click here.

Lets get back again. There is no boundary to use it, means you can use it from any place on the world. You can easily transfer it’s balance to any external account. And there is a fee of 0.0007 btc to transfer the amount. And the site is not scam at all. There are three security level. Google authentication, 2FA verification and your own another extra security. So, your account will be so safe enough.

As of my explanation, in this wallet you can earn from 5 different ways.

  1. you can earn by depositing balance on it.
  2. you can trade pro-ticket here.
  3. you earn from referral.
  4. your pro-ticket provides you extra income
  5. From your referral you get commission too.Now,……What??? Go on. Get into the task. Why are spending more time reading just article. Get to some serious business and start trading/ i mean earning. Good luck. It’s better if you go now. Thank you for reading.

The best paying bitcoin faucet

I have been using so much of faucets to collect bitcoins for a very long time. Eversince, i started these activities, i found so much differences. It is obvious to change the amount that you can claim in these faucets, since the price of bitcoin is changing so much.

As you can see that the price of bitcoin is increasing so rapidly, in the same ratio the amount you can claim in these faucets are decreasing. Well lets get back to the topic now. I was telling you the best faucet that pay you more. Well in this case you can have your comparison. As i mentioned, i have been using so many faucets to claim bitcoin, i used to love moon bitcoin faucet so much. Because it was the better one at that time. It used to pay more satoshis compared to other. And at that time it used to pay in xapo wallet[ now it pays into
coinpot wallet
]. And the interesting part was it used to pay around of 100 satoshi in 2 hour. And talking about freebitco, trust btc faucet etc. it was  more than that.

Recently i have opend these accounts and guess what i have found. Now the highest paying bitcoin faucet is freebitco, and again trustbtcfaucet is one of highest paying faucet too. Freebitco pays in the decreasing ratio to increase in bitcoin market price. And again, trustbtcfaucet pays you every 5 minute, and the amount is between 3-888 satoshi currently[ the first time i knew this site it used to pay between 10-888].

It is obvious you might say, what is meaning of collecting these little satoshi’s. Well my friend, since the market price of bitcoin will rising so much, even if you collect total of 0.0001 bitcoin from these faucets, that will matter in near future. so, you better get into it now. And there are lot of cyptocurrencies online which you can claim through faucet, and that will matter in future. Since i am talking about bitcoin, i will not be telling about other cryptocurrencies, but i will at least  tell you to get into them too.

You can never predict what’s gonna happen in the price of cryptocurrencies, so it is better to involve in it, while you can get some free.[you know who would not love the free stuff/things]. And, i almost forgot to write down. You can play online games for these currencies, bet amount on some jackpot, and so on.

If you are somebody who is/was the student of computer science/ information technology, then you know, what bitcoin is? If you are a newcomer, then you better dive in.

Crypto currencies volatile prices/ Bitcoin price market/ Bitcoin and crypto currencies revolution

The price of the bitcoin is changing so rapidly. In last few days, there is so much change in the price of bitcoin. It has increased up to 15000$ and again it decreased to 13000$ early today.

Early in morning today only , it’s price was 14700$, and right now again it has increased again. Since the bitcoin’s market price is so volatile it is obvious to change in it’s price, but what i am saying is that within a some days there was a vast increment in it’s price.

Only day before, when it’s price went up to 15000$ it’s actual market price was 11000$. It means that in just a day there was an increment  of 4000$. If you are reading this you all must have known that it was predicted that the price of bitcoin will be more than 30000$ when the all bitcoin will be mined.

And, again i read that the creator of bitcoin ‘nakamoto’ himself carries 1 million bitcoin( i even wrote about it). If so, Is he the wealthiest person in the world?  who knows.

well let’s go further, why to stuck here. And one thing that bothers me everytime i think about cryptocurrencis. i.e. why only the price of bitcoin rose up so drastically. I mean, there are other cryptocurrencies too. Why did not there price got increased?

And i am damn confused, since the other currencies’s price don’t rise that much, how come everytime new cryptocurrencies are invented and advertised that there is a token sale. Yeah still in some case the new cryptocurrencies are making market place, but there are a lot which i have no good market place.

Well, i am not the somebody who knows about crypto currencies much better, but i am just illustrating what i have seen in these time. Well if you think you know some better, do not hesitate to comment.



The word Buddism seems to be most related to Buddha. Yeah every body believes that every buddhist pray to buddha. Yes, it is truth, however there are number of gods, whom buddhist people pray.
Nepal is the country where the last time lord Buddha reincarnated. That’s why, Nepalese say that ” The Buddha was born in Nepal”. It is for sure, every year number of international tourists visit Nepal with belief to visit the birthplace of Buddha as well as the place of highest mountaion “Mt. Everest”.

These are not only the reason to know Nepal in the world. There are lots of places where people can visit. For example, Monasteries which are in the hill sides. There are numbers of world heritage sites in Nepal to see at. Like Bouddha:

The BouddhaNath Temple. Kathmandu, Nepal:2017/12/07

And there are others too, Like: Pashupatinath, Swoyambhu etc. Buddhism is not just a reference to illustrate buddhist people and their culture. It all about moving towards the path that the lord Buddha has shown. In the whole world there is not only Nepal where you will be able to see Buddhism and their followers. Country like China even follow buddhism. The followers are all over the world. India too is the country where highest number of buddhist people can be found. Malaysia, Thailand, Japan these place too contain buddhism in heart of their people.

you can see that, monk are the most devoted to the path of buddha. Most of the time they stay in Monastery, meditating and studying the holy books. As you can notice most of the monastery are located in such place where will be no noise and pollutions etc.

Fulbaari Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal

And they seems to surrounded by natural beauty Like: Green forests, rivers, gardens etc. Buddihsm is something that teaches that you get this human body for only once, even if you are reincarnated to next human life that will be another body. The buddhism believes in mind-set. The monks practice for long time to control over their body movements, emotions etc. It teach you to love everything on this earth. It lets you know how important is life of any living thing. It is not just a religion. It is the inter-connection with universe. As you can expect that the life should be melodious, buddhism teach you how you can void jealousy, temper, hatred etc. so you can live the life as you expect it to be. Look at this flower:DSC_5720

Isn’t is so beautiful . The buddhism tell you same thing. Every life is beautiful in it’s own way. They are destined to be beautiful.

Next, i will be delivering more information. Thank you!

Bitcoin cloud mining for free

A lot has happened in these years, on growth of bicoin. Since the bitcoin is fastest growing crypto-currency, a lot of users are seemed to get hand on it. You know , the very beginner of these currencies tends have these things too quickly. But, as you can see, to get these currencies is not so easy, they start searching the way, how  will they be able to get these things easily on internet. Well, there are a lot ways to get crypto currencies for free, such like: faucets(where you can claim as per sites rule), doing online jobs(blogging, web designing etc), performing online tasks etc.

Yes, for sure you don’t get paid so heavy in some of them, still it is worth doing so. And there are some who know about mining, but they want to mine for free, they search for legitimate cloud mining site and even search for some blogs, where they can fond it.

Well, i am not the bitcoin expert to tell you where you will be getting these things, but i can provide you  some sites for free mining( sites that give you bonus to sign up). Still, i suggest you to mine these currencies through buying power on some sites like hashflare, because they seem to be most legitimate.

If you want free bonuses, here are some:

fflakemining– The site gives you 100GH/s free for signing up to their site.

E and E  mining– It is different than other. Yes, it does prvide 100GH/s for free but only for 30 days.

SierraHash-The site pays you 150 GH/s for free to mine bitcoin.

ILIVION– The site gives you 100 Ghs to mine bitcoin. litecoin, dogecoin.

I found these sites recently, But still i have not done any review. Visit these sites on your won risk. There are still so many and some of them has went down which used to pay for real loike vixice,google btc mining etc.

And you can collect some from these faucet:freebitco,moon bitcoin,free doge,moon ddash,moon litecoin,moon doge. etc. Have fun, Thank you!

Asian Got Talent

Asia’s Got talent

The show Asia’s Got Talent is a franchise show of got talent. Since 2015 the franchise(got talent) started to produce asia’s got talent. The grand prize for the winner of the show is USD 100,000$. This time it is happenninng in Singapore. From the very beginning a lot has took place on the show.

The franchise broadcasting has been done by AXN asia network, and it is broadcasted according to the singapore UTC time. The judges for the show are: David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park.

Since the beginning of the show of 2017, a lot has took place, many has come and gone. But still there are some talents who are still in the competence.

Some of them are included here:

    1. Feng E


He is a musician from Taiwan. A great live performer.I love this kid. Awesome..

  • Sacred Riana

She is a illusionist from Indonesia. She perform great tricks on the show. Amazing illusionist.

  • Angela July

She is a folk singer. She would play herself while singing.

  • 218 Dance Crew

They are amazing dancer in the show. I just love the way they perform their dance.

The Grand final! is now about to happen. Let’s see who wins the show. Very best of luck to all participant.